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Wings, Cars and Elevation!

Formula 1 Ferrari Front Wings

A little over 8 friggin’ years ago, I developed the below piece of work showing variations to the design of a Formula 1 front wing. The idea was to take an example wing, vary the design a number of times to demonstrate the variation in design of Formula 1 front wings at the time. This has been taken from my old DeviantArt account (http://stylepixelstudios.deviantart.com/)

2008 Work

I quote liked this excercise, but with the sheer complexity of the front wings employed in modern times, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to replicate the same feat. I therefore decided to try and replicate historical front wings as a matter of comparison between the years. I would try and create a graphic of each front wing used each year, from the same perspective, in order for each wing to be comparable instantly.

I took the 2016 wing as the baseline, and have purposely not included any sponsor or brand markings as I wanted the form of the wing to stand out.

2016 900

Formula 1 front wing – Ferrari SF16-H

I then set out to do my next wing – this time from the 2013 car, the F138. The 2013 F138 front wing was the most complex wing of the 1800mm wide era of front wings (from 2009 – 2013), with 5 years of development under the belts of the Ferrari aerodynamic team.

The issue I had now with this wing was that I had to fit the perspective in with what was established in the 2016 front wing. The result is below:2013 900

Formula 1 front wing – Ferrari F138

Further to this, I developed the very first Ferrari front wing from 2009 from the Ferrari F60. This was the first front wing from the new 1800mm width era with the neutral middle section. Comparing with the above, it’s quite a change!

2009 900

Formula 1 front wing – Ferrari F60

I am hoping eventually to complete the set of front wings from the same angle to demonstrate the evolution of the Formula 1 front wing, whether it be from evolutionary change, or from a regulations refresh. The plan would be to show a 15 year history, starting in 2002, and producing a wing for every year up to 2016. This is what the matrix looks like now:

2002 - 2016 wing 20160904


Formula 1 2017 Renderings with 2016 liveries

One of the projects that has been sitting on the sidelines for a bit is the design of an identity for a Formula 1 racing team, provisionally called Falcon or Falconer Racing Team. As part of this, I wanted to develop a really nice side view rendering for the 2017 Formula 1 aerodynamic regulations coming in, so I could develop some mock up liveries for the new (fictional) team.

After starting way back in May this year, I finally got my butt into gear and finished it up!

Template White All Mod

The car has designed with the expected 2017 Formula 1 aerodynamic regulations in mind, and features many of the changes that are known at the time. Included are the ‘chevron’ front wing, larger bargeboards, angled sidepod flow conditioners (which I have seen both included and not included in speculative renderings from others), and the angled rear wing.

In reality, this wasn’t an engineering study, so I have taken design traits from a number of existing cars

Template White Close Front

2017 Formula 1 Car – Front Detail

The front end of the car utilities a fairly uninspired nose cone,  but employs a front wing endplate that has featured on the Mercedes W07. The front wheel is taken largely off the Red Bull RB12.

Template White Close Rear

2017 Formula 1 Car – Rear Detail

The rear of the car utilises a Mercedes W07 style rear wheel, with a variation of the interesting rear wing endplate that McLaren brought with them to the mid season Austria test

Template White Close Mitte

2017 Formula 1 Car – Mid Detail

The middle of the car utilises a Mercedes W07 style airbox (angled forward and quite large!) with fairly normal parts otherwise – the angled sidepod flow conditioner notwithstanding.

With this template, I can generate good looking liveries for the Falcon/Falconer Racing Team on a realistic rendering!

To demonstrate the ability of the template, I went and developed all 11 2016 Formula 1 team liveries on the 2017 car template:

Ferrari White


Red Bull White

Red Bull Racing

Renault White


Mercedes White



Sauber White


STR White

Scuderia Toro Rosso

Williams White


Force India White

Haas White


Manor White


McLaren White


With the template as well, I can generate fantasy liveries, which I may do in the future!

Sunbury International Circuit Elevation

Work continues, albiet slowly, on the Sunbury International Circuit. This time I have developed a 3D rendering of the elevation profile of the circuit:

Elevation PS

This was developed after I came upon some very accurate elevation data for the area. This new data required me to review the exisiting elevation data for the circuit and make revisions based on what I found. Further to that, I always wanted to develop something like the above for the circuit, and finally had the chance with the accurate elevation data. The elevation above is magnified by 8x, so don’t get any ideas of really awesome elevation changes!

Work on the layout of the entire property, including exit/entry, parking, etc. continues!

Future Work

There is plenty happening, including Falcon/Falconer Racing Team Formula 1 identity design, and Australiair airline identity design. With the latter, I am still trying to piece together what type of airline I want it to be (low cost, middle ground, higher up). I am also always wanting to go back and do a pixel scene as well. Stay tuned!

If you want to catch me anywhere, feel free to get to me on one of the below! Happy to receive anything!

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