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1000 views in a month! Also, a bit of an update.

So the month of April for 2016 has past, and this humble blog has been going on for more than 3 years.

I first registered the blog on the 3rd of March, 2013. In the beginning, I posted a couple of things, including the branding of my own Stylepixelstudios logo, and soon got into my flagship project, the Sunbury International Circuit. However, like many things that start off from scratch, things started off…slowly.

For the entirety of 2013, this blog had a whopping 187 views from 116 visitors. In 2014, that number jumped up to 416 visitors from 252 visitors, so really 2014 wasn’t all that fantastic as well. Better, but still not super duper. In 2015 however, the totals had jumped way up to 3,145 views from 1501 visitors. From 2013 values, views jumped up by 1,600%!

In 2016, this was a trend I had hope would continue. Up until the end of April, I had 2,871 visits from 1,251 visits. However, in the month of April, I had my first month of over 1,000 visits!1000

The 1,000 visits was helped by a share on twitter at the start of the month, however this is a super achievement for me and am very happy to experience it.

To coincide with this occasion, I have made a bit of a side development on my pixel Formula 1 cars:

Red Bull RB12 BLO

Manor MRT05 BLO

Ferrari SF16-H BLO

Renault RS16 BLO

Yes, the only real addition is some black outlines and some detail lines for where bodywork can go on and off, but I think that the addition is remakrable. Have a look at the originals below:

Ferrari Manor Red Bull Renault

The originals sort of have a but of realism, however I thought that perhaps the pixel style didn’t really add to the realism. I am now ad odds as to whether I continue the realism moving forward, or use the black outline for the race review project.

Anyway, here’s to many more 1,000 view months!

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