Changes a-foot for 2018

Hi everyone,

It is with an optimistic heart that I announce that for 2018, the stylepixelstudios brand will be no longer.

While I will still be very much continuing my design adventures into the new year, I decided that the stylepixelstudios brand was not really reflective of my work, or the way I went about work. I am a one man band and to brand myself as a ‘studio’ probably seemed a bit off putting. Further, the matching of style and pixel with studios seemed a bit weird, given my work generally encompassed work in the motorsport area (primarily Formula 1).

For 2018, I will carry with me a new identity and new push to provide awesome designs and pieces of work, not necessarily in the motorsport field (although this will always inspire me). I am still working out the kinks in the name, but it will most likely follow the ‘Adam Falconer Design’ template. While this may be a bit boring, my main aim to to ensure that designs are all linked back consistently to myself, especially on social media. Having stylepixelstudios , Adam, Adam Falconer and other social media names made sources of designs quite confusing.

Logo Full PNG

The stylepixelstudios brand will be no longer for 2018.

The new logo design will come in early 2018. With this, I hope to provide a renewed push to provide awesome designs. I will also renew my push to publish a website, and may be a store come Christmas 2018.

In any case, whatever 2017 has brought you, and for whatever 2018 has in store, I wish you all the best for the year ahead!



One thought on “Changes a-foot for 2018

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