Ferraris and Race Reviews

HI everyone,

So, unsurprisingly for me, but perhaps surprisingly for others, I haven’t updated this blog in just over 6 months. Whoah nelly! I can assure you all that I have actually been doing stuff in that time, believe me!

Anywaym, here’s all the stuff I’ve been doing:

Race review

So I embarked on a revision of my large Race Review project.

For those who don’t know what this is (which is most likely a lot of you), my idea was to have a printed book with a review of every Formula 1 race during the season. This idea has come up every year, but I have mainly developed the idea and developed the background work to make it easier for me to update a race review for all 20 races.

The most complete version I had looked a bit like this for last year’s Australian Grand Prix:

Aus GP Sheet 1 RGBAus GP Sheet 2 RGB

Neat huh!

But I wasn’t satisfied with the info page. For one, I was using my pixel art side view cars which didn’t translate very well on to higher resolutions. I was also a bit sceptical about the qualifying percentage gap graphic at the top right, and I felt it was a bit cluttered and confusing. I decided to redesign the layout a bit an ended up with the following:

A3 Layout Plan 20170516 Cover Sheet pngA3 Layout Plan 20170128

So a couple of points on the redesign:

  1. I am still not decided on what I want to do for the front cover. In this version I attempted a collection of cars and drivers based on the fact that it was the first race of the season, and I wanted to feature more than 1 driver on the cover as there was a lot of things going on in the race – Ricciardo’s home race being so lacklustre, the late call up for Giovinazzi, Vettel’s win, Bottas’ performance, etc. I think for the final I’ll leave it to 1 or two drivers as 5 is a lot of work!
  2. I have gotten rid of thew world map and circuit location on the first page.
  3. I have added tyre selections for all sessions!
  4. I have replaced the top right qualifying performance with an overview of fastest laps throughout the weekend.
  5. I have used placeholder car images, and am hopign to replace them with actual images of the 2017 cars.
  6. Not sure what t do with that open area to the right of the race results.

I’ll probably continue work on these and may have an updated one for a Grand Prix down the track!

Ferrari SF70H Side View

In my work on the above Race Review, I wanted to develop some really schmick side views of the cars for use in the practice/quali/race/podium sections. I also had idea of having a section in the book with all the teams and their cars and some words about each. Together with my earlier work on trying tomap and understand the 2017 Bodywork regulations, I set about developing a side view drawing of the Ferrari SF70H:

2017 Ferrari SF70H Raked Small

And some close up shots here:

2017 Ferrari SF70H Close Rear2017 Ferrari SF70H Close Front2017 Ferrari SF70H Close Mid

The exact specification of this SF70H is more in line with the laucnh spec of the car. I am hoping that I will be able to update the car with updates based on each race, pending updates at all.

I am also hoping to do every other car across the field, yes, hoping!

That’s it from me really for this update. Not much has actually been finsihed but a couple of cool things have been done. I am planning on continueing work on the above, but also maybe doing some cool Disneyland stuff too. Who knows! Hopefully it won’t take me so long to update the blog next time!






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