Renault RS.16 pixels!

The Renault RS pixels have been completed! Check out the cool matte finish of the very yellow Renault RS below:

Renault RS16

The 2016 Renault RS.16

The Renault RS.16 is the first Renault branded Formula 1 car since 2010 (In 2011, Renault sold its remaining 25% stake in the team to Lotus Cars, causing the team to be branded Lotus Renault GP). The team decided very late in 2015 to buy back the Lotus F1 team  (car below) and move forward under the Renault name.

Lotus E23

The 2015 Lotus F1 E23

The Renault company reviewed their participation in Formula 1 from mid to late 2015, and reviewed whether to stay in the sport as an power unit supplier, withdraw altogether or make an effort to become a fully fledged team again. Following from the backlash from Red Bull based on the performance of the Renault power unit, Renault decided against withdrawing, instead deciding to buy back the Lotus F1 team (reportedly for £1) and continuing as a car and power unit manufacturer.

Close ups of the Renault RS16. Click to expand.

The car is now powered, unsurprisingly, by a Renault RE16 power unit. Up until late 2015, the car was powered by a Mercedes power unit, and therefore the car has not been fully designed for the Renault power unit. The car is relatively unchanged from the Lotus F1 car, with many similar design features.

Hopefully for Renault the decision to be more involved in Formula 1 is successful or them. I know many people are happy for them to have brought back a bit of colour to the grid, which saw a particular bias towards darker colours in recent years. With the awesome yellow back on the grid, you can’t miss them, and the matte effect really brings something special. Hopefully their performance will catch up to their looks!

So far, I have completed 4/11 cars, and here they all are:

Ferrari Manor Red Bull Renault

I wonder which I will do next! I am actually probably going to step away from the pixels for just a wee bit and tackle some other exciting stuff. Stay tuned!

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