2016 Australian Grand Prix Race Review

So, all the background and dare I say infrastructure work on the Race Review project is complete! Celebrate!

OK, so the project will be ever changing as I decide to add things but I would say maybe 90% of it is set, which is awesome!

The Race Review project is a project whereby I painstakingly provide a cool overview of each Formula 1 race weekend, including practice/qualifying/race session results, cool graphics of the cars, additional stats and charts and a cool image on the cover sheet for each race. Pretty cool right?

Over the last 2 weeks I have been building on my previous work that I did last year, setting things up to make things easier in the future for other races. The background work was done now, so I didn’t have to keep repeating my work later. The most recent version of the Race Review looked a bit like this (British GP 2015)

For 2016, and for the 2016 Australian Grand Prix, I am pleased to provide the following!

The concept isn’t exactly 100% complete as I have yet to finish the set of 2016 Formula 1 cars (3.5/11 so far!), so I have been forced to use last year’s set, and have substituted the 2015 Manor livery for Haas for the time being.

There have been minor tweaks here and there, but the major changes:

  • Weather icons for sessions (Sunny through to thunderstorms)
  • Revised qualifying percentage graphics (now includes cars rather than circles)
  • Coloured team icons for other sessions
  • Revised car icons (for season 2016)
  • Revised circuit layout on Cover Sheet
  • Revised artwork on Cover Sheet
  • Revised Tyre Strategy Chart

My plan is to release one of these for every race weekend this year, and release as a booklet (like a coffee table book of sorts). The booklet is A3 (landscape in size).

Lastly, here is the Cover Sheet artwork on it’s own in ‘Art piece’ format:

Aus GP Art Piece

I hope you enjoy looking over the 2016 Australian Grand Prix race wekeend!

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