Red Bull RB12 pixels!

As part of my Formula 1 Race Review project, I am developing pixel-art style Formula 1 cars for the 2016 season. Today I have completed the Red Bull RB12!

Red Bull RB12

After a 2015 season that provided no wins, the relationship between Red Bull and engine supplier Renault waned, as the French power unit manufacturer failed to make gains on their power unit during the season. A number of times Renault provided updates, only for the drivers to exclaim that the power units felt more or less the same.

Trying to find a more powerful power unit, Red Bull tried, and failed, to obtain a Mercedes and Ferrari engine. In the end Red Bull had to once again side with Renault, however in order to separate themselves from the relationship with Renault, Red Bull partnered up with watch designer Tag Heuer to have their Renault power units badged as Tag Heuer power units.

2016 has started reasonably well for the Red Bull team. The updated Renault/Tag Heuer power unit has provided a more reliable power unit with an increase in power and drivability. Red Bull scored a 4th place in the Australian Grand Prix and the car seems to be decently competitive, potentially being the ‘best of the rest’ behind Mercedes and Ferrari. While still early days, Red Bull and Renault have stated that a fairly big jump in performance will come in Canada. Time will tell!

Be sure to click on each image above for close ups!

I really wanted to try out the matte effect the Red Bull have decided to use for their cars this year. The highlights used on this car a much reduced from that used on the Ferrari and Manor cars shown earlier. The matte finish seems to be no where near as reflective, almost diffusive in nature.

Red Bull have gone for a new design for their livery this year, in light of their departure from their closer tires with Renault – gone are Renault, and the purple Infiniti branding, and also gone is their typical blue colouring, giving way for a quite dark navy blue.

The car in real life looks amazing, and I hope that (as a totally unbiased Australian) that the team is able to bring the fight to Mercedes and Ferrari.

Next up? Maybe the very yellow Renault, or the Force India? I just don’t know!

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