Manor MRT05 Pixels!

As part of my more regular blog updates, I hereby present the completed Manor MRT05 pixels!

Manor MRT05

The Manor MRT05 was revealed with great anticipation earlier in the year, as a renewed Manor Racing team looked to increase their performance in 2016 following what was essentially a ‘gap’ year in 2015. Largely a transition for the team, the 2015 season did not start amicably, with the team not running at all in the first round in Australia, and only fielding one car in Malaysia. For the rest of the season however, the car was still some 5-6 seconds off the field in terms of raw pace, owing to the fact that the team was bought out shortly before the start of the season, and the car used was essentially an old designed altered to fit the technical regulations without any real design development.

In 2016, the team has fielded a completely new car in the MRT05, and has released this car under a new identity known as Manor Racing. The car features the new Manor Racing colours of orange, blue and white, and while the sponsorship totals are modest, the livery itself is striking and follows the lines of the car very well, garnering the praise of many F1 fans due to its colour and not being another ‘black or dark grey’ car.

Be sure to click on each image above for close ups!

After the completion of the Ferrari SF16-H, I knew this had to be the next car I did. The livery is quite something when placed among the rest of the filed (Renault notwithstanding), and the car has some nice proportions with the long nose. I am really looking forward to seeing this out on circuit!

Over the next couple of days I will be trackside at the first round of the F1 season at Albert Park. I will be taking many a photo so I’ll be sure to post my favourites!

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