Ferrari SF16-H Pixels!

A new for 2016 – smaller and more frequent blog posts!

This initial post is all about the new Ferrari SF16-H Formula 1 car, and my attempt to pixelise the car like I did last year with the 2015 crop of Formula 1 cars:


2015 Formula 1 Cars

This is all for the Race Review I will be doing once the season kicks off in about 2 wees time. I revisited the pixel work I did last year and started anew, concentrating on improving the look of the cars and give a bit more of a bold feel.

Ferrari SF16-H

2016 Ferrari SF16-H

There it is!

Apart from including the new 2016 shapes and liveries, the method has changed quite a bit too! Namely:

  • Tyres and wheels: The colour of the tyres has darkened, the shading has been improved, Pirelli markings have been improved, wheel rendering has improved.
  • Body Shading: Body shading has now gone down to just 2 highlights and 2 shades. The 2015 cars had 3 for each. The 2 highlights are used for general light and refections, and the shadings are for different levels of darkness.
  • Body Design: The proportions and design of the body has been cleaned up. In 2015, the rear wing was higher than the top edge of the engine cover, which was buggy.

From this, I will develop the rest of the cars for implementation into the Race Review work happening throughout the year!

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