March Ramblings

The funny thing about today is that it is the 2nd of March. Actually, it’s not funny, it’s crazy!

Of course, it’s the old gripe about the year; days turns to weeks, weeks to months and all of a sudden you are back to where you started, but a year ahead. I look back to what I have done in the opening 2 months of the year and it seems like I have concentrated on larger projects that seem to contain less releasable stuff. I wish I could just pump stuff out, but then there’s the topic of quantity and quality, and I’d like to keep the quality right up!

The first couple of 2015 months have had a motorsport theme to them (yes, I know, I will do something else soon I promise!). January and February are always filled with anticipation of the forthcoming Formula 1 season, and I got suckered right in! Details on some of the things I have done:


This project was an attempt to design a retro Ferrari Formula 1 livery as a design exercise. I spent a decent chunk of January throwing some ideas around, drawing and sketching, and doing up the renderings on the computer. I also had to wait a little before the 2015 Ferrari formula 1 car was released due to the change in sponsors for this year, as this would change the look of the car.

The renderings were of three views of the car – the side, the top and the front. After doing the top, and then the side, I felt I needed to redo the top, causing some delays. While doing up the renderings, I felt I needed to ‘test’ the rendering by implementing the 2014 F14T car livery onto it. This progressed to both the top and the front, the reveal the following, most excellent image:

Views All F14T Livery


Since then, my attention has been turned to a new project (again, on the anticipation of the Formula 1 season), but the plan for this is to implement some of my own retro liveries on to the car based on the most iconic Ferrari formula 1 cars of old. I have some designs hanging up above me that I have sketched and rendered out, but now just need to transfer the design detail across!


I ago on Reddit. While undertaking some work for the Sunbury International Circuit I came across a SubReddit called /r/RaceTrackDesigns. This SubReddit is dedicated to the designs of racing circuits, from fully fledged thought out design to page margin doodles. Sometimes, the SubReddit has competitions, and there was one recently to celebrate 1,000 subscribers. This competition was basically a no-holds-barred competition, so I approached the competition on the same basis I had with the Sunbury International Circuit – create a realistic racing circuit based on a real world location.

Because I was not so constrained by thing such as access by people, proper transport methods and land use, I decided to find a place that had a good elevation changes and was in an area that had no world class facility on offer. With all this in mind, I chose to design a circuit in Ne Zealand! The location I chose is 30 minutes drive South / South-East of Christchurch on the South Island on the Banks Peninsula.

New Zealand Location 1

New Zealand Location 2

The location chosen is within a valley, with the valley floor surrounded on 3 of 4 sides large hills and mountains. The valley floor itself is quite low and is within 10m ASL, but the circuit itself features some pretty neat elevation changes.

Motukarara Contour Map


Contour map of the circuit in increments of 1m up to 17m

Motukarara area elevation

The circuit location is around the small light green streak just to the left of centre

When it came time to do a nice looking drawing for the circuit that showed all the barriers, gravel, grass and buildings, I wanted to try something new and do something a bit more realistic rather than the solid colour plan views I had done previously for the Sunbury International Circuit.






Motukarara Circuit Final

What really sets this apart from my earlier drawings of the Sunbury International Circuit is the lack of black outlines and the use of small shadows that add a depth and in turn realism to the drawing. The shadow is set a 45º down-left of each object, and can clearly be seen around the pit building and grandstands. This attempt of drawing a circuit with a bit more realism has allowed me to trial an idea from start to completion, and has motivated me to do the same for the Sunbury International Circuit – not only for promotional purposes, but also for planning purposes as well. It will allow me to have a better idea of the placing of things around the circuit, including barriers, grandstands and ancillaries. Joy!

As for the circuit itself, here is some info for both the GP circuit and the short circuit:


Circuit Info4



So, the thing with Design sometimes, is that opportunities to do certain projects can come at any time. One may be walking outside one day, and just by looking at something in a certain in conjunction with thinking about something can cause an idea to pop into your head. Now, you’re probably thinking that this is leading into something quite exciting and novel, but in reality, all I am going to talk about is the project I have thought up, which is to publish a statistical and historical review of the races which will make up the 2015 Formula 1 season.

There are publications out there, and definitely in the past, that have dealt with this already. Autocourse is one of them, but these publications (which are comprised of 100’s of pages) go above and beyond. Autocourse not only contains a nice overview of each race (including times of each session, and nice graphics) but also contains paragraphs of the events that have occurred over each weekend, and beforehand and in between races. These publications are also quite expensive, and people may not be interested in reading aout what has happened, and would rather have a reference of what did happen (i.e. who was first in qualifying, where did Driver X come in the 4th Round, etc.). So, this is my idea, to create a statistical, historical review of the 2015 Formula 1 season.

My review will be constrained to overviewing each race weekend session, together with some nice graphics, circuit information and race information. Time and time again I have found myself searching the internet for race history and results, as well as some of the other more specific information. I feel like this project will allow, even just myself, to see the year in a more immediate and easy way.

The idea came about when I decided to try to convert my Ferrari F14T rendering (see above) into a Pixel Art design. Motivated by a pixel art style design of a 2008 car I did:



I was intrigued by the way in which the Ferrari rendering would look in a similar style. I am not quite sure how I put 2 and 2 together, but from this I pictured the pixel art style car to be used in a race weekend review style publication. The idea blossomed that I could use this type of piece of work to present the finishing positions of the cars in a graphical way. Thus, the idea was born to extrapolate that idea to a full weekend’s worth of results.

Firstly, I got on to developing the artwork that would go with each event’s review. To date I have finished 4 cars, and with some delayed (with regard to their final look) and some still unsure if they will turn up or not, I still 6 more to go. To date, I have completed the Mercedes, Williams, Sauber and Ferrari 2015 designs:


‘Pixelated’ designs – click to make larger

TEST PRE-CAMPIONATO F1/2015iG8EYlmfelipe-nasr-sauber-2015-f1-testing-barcelona-1January 2015The Williams FW37Photo: Williams F1 ref: Digital Image FW37_1

Real world designs, from the top: Ferrari SF15-T, Mercedes W06, Sauber C34, and Williams FW37.

These designs will primarily be used in showing qualifying and race podium positions, in a layout similar to what I am working on at the moment:

Layout Work 2015 WORK

I am currently working on this type of layout for the opening round of the season, but I will be looking to extend it over 2 pages, with the left page containing a race-specific graphic and the race title, with perhaps the country and circuit information moved over to there as well. This will give the rest of the information a bit more room to breath and will allow the text to be a bit bigger and more readable.


For the immediate future I will work on completing the remaining cars for my season review layout, with public release in the weeks following the race. Away from that, I am going to make a start on the Sunbury International Circuit layout design drawing and work on designing the buildings (pit building, train station, main grandstand) and modelling these and implementing them into my simulation of the circuit.

The other small project I would like to do is the progressional mapping of the rainfall intensity of Sever Tropical Cyclone Marcia as it approached the Queensland Coast in February 2015. This involves taking rain radar images supplied by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, and processing it such that I achieve a map showing the intensity of rainfall as the cyclone moved towards the coast and eventually made landfall.



That’s it for this blog post update! Feel free to check me out on Facebook, Twitter, or on Email at!


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2 thoughts on “March Ramblings

  1. Brilliant article which I really enjoyed reading Some great content and some great images along with it. Honestly, it was great!

    Your analysis of the Ferrari paintwork was very good along with work about all the F1 cars for the upcoming season. I will keep a watch out for when you complete the final 6 livery’s!

    • Thank you, James! I really appreciate the comment and your kind words! I don’t get many comments here so it’s was a real pleasure to see yours. Be sure to check out my the other posts for more pretty cool stuff.

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