2014 in review: T’was a good year

I thought I would leave 2014 with a typical and perhaps tired post of a review of the year that has been for me and Stylepixelstudios. It is easy to work through the year without appreciating the successes one may have, only to concentrate on the negatives and always wanting more (and more! AND MORE!). Nevertheless, 2014 has been an excellent year for me here at Stylepixelstudios, and so in no real order, I present Stylepixelstudios: ein Jahr in Rückblick (a year in review).

Pathway into Engineering

Pathway Into Engineering is an organisation under the Robogals umbrella that aims to help adults get into the field of Science, technology, Engineering and Mechanical (STEM). Robogals is an organisation that helps promote the STEM industries to young girl students, as it has been noted that many girls are either not exposed to these fields or forget about them as they develop. Pathways into Engineering will operate in a similar way by promoting the STEM fields to adults that are interested in a career in these fields.

I was asked to design a logo for the organisation such that they could begin promoting the organisation. The acronym for the organisation, PiE, was a major inspiration for the logo, along with the ‘pathway’ element of the organisation.

High Res Split Presentation White High Res Split Black


It is actually one of my favourite logos I have designed!

Sunbury International Circuit

The Sunbury International Circuit is my flagship personal project, and those who have kept up to date with my blog would know that a lot of work has gone into this project.

For those who don’t know, the Sunbury International Circuit (SIC) is a project that involves the inception, design and development of a permanent motor racing circuit for the Melbourne, Australia area. The aim is to design a realistic circuit that would replace the current temporary Albert Park circuit which is currently used for Formula 1 races. This project was started not only because I wanted to design a racing circuit, but also because I wanted to design for a real life issue. I also did not want to just design a circuit all willy-nilly, and design a layout that can be plonked anywhere – I wanted real life restrictions to enable a real-life solution.

In any case, the design is progressing really well with a number of updates.

At the beginning of the year, the circuit was quite immature, being nothing more than some sketches in SolidWorks.



Late 2013 version of SIC. Note the different location of the S/F straight, the double hairpin, the greater number of curves.




First real revision. Note the retention of the hairpins on the top-right.

From the above, the circuit has undergone many changes and intense scrutiny. The circuit has been developed and the layout has been signed of as:

Layout with TNum

The circuit has been altered based on a number of things, including:

  • Compliance to the official FIA regulations governing circuit design
  • Run-off area requirements based on expected vehicle speeds
  • Feedback from people reviewing the circuit
  • Driving the circuit using models in rFactor

A number of flying laps were also developed to show how the circuit would be driven. The first release occurred in June 2014 showing an early version of the circuit modelled in Bob’s Track Builder. The elevation profile was basic, there were no walls or buildings and only the rumble strips existed outside of the circuit itself

Another update was released in August, but the November update showed the most progress towards the final circuit, with catchfencing, placeholder buildings, walls and fine tuned elevation.

I also designed a logo and identity for the circuit as part of my goal to design a realistic circuit and deliver a realistic project. Some of the images from that are below:

 5 - SIC Logo Acronym 3 - SIC Logo Lght Melb

9 - Business Card Display

13 - Track Signage

In 2015, I hope to complete the design of the circuit and the circuit model in Bob’s Track Builder. I will be designing and implementing new grandstand, pit building and railway station designs. I will also be developing a full booklet on the circuit, as well as a book detailing the design of the circuit from beginning to end.


This was Stylepixelstudios’ greatest win for 2014. I was contacted in 2013 to develop a design for a children’s playmat based on a real life motor circuit. The first was to be the Silverstone circuit. After getting back from my holiday, I hit the ground running in January, getting to work developing a design in MSPaint for a carpet mat 133cm x 144cm of the Silverstone circuit.

In mid-December, the mat went for sale! The first product that I have worked on that has gone to sale! Check it out!

The mat was a huge success design wise, and I worked closely with the owner of Speedscenes yo get the look just right.

Along with the mat, I also designed the logo for Speedscenes.

SpeedScenes-Logo-AI-S-Rounded-small SpeedScenes-Logo-AI-S-Rounded-black


The logo appears on the mats, as well as on the company website. The logo features an in action racing car sprouting bold colours that potray wind and energy. The image sits on top of the company name, created from a a custom typeface.


Something I tried out doing in August was to create a city scene out of LEGO. Using LEGO Digital Designer and a rendering program called POV Ray. I designed a quarter of a large scene I hope to one day build up.

Work 20-10-13 2509 am

The scene so far includes beaches, a bridge, a railway station, a dock, an island, a boat, a marina and

Ferrari F1 livery (WIP)

In mid-late 2014 I decided to do up a mock retro livery for the Ferrari Formula 1 team. The design would hark back to the days where perhaps Ferrari wasn’t such a great performer, but made some fantastic looking cars. One morning I decided that instead of doing the design up as a side piece, I would develop the design as a fully fledged design exercise.

I went about creating line drawings based on orthographic views of the Ferrari F14T, the car they have used for the 2014 championship. I then have gone about creating bespoke renderings of the views in order to showcase the designs I have developed. I started with researching the historic livery designs of the Ferrari Formula 1 cars and annotating the design features of each livery.

I have currently developed the side and top renderings of the car, as shown below:

F14 T Top

F14 T Side for F Red

As a proof of concept, I implemented the current F14T livery design on to the side profile of my rendering, and I think it looks awesome.

F14 T Side for F

I also toyed with the idea of converting the current Toyota TS040 endurance car livery on to a Formula 1 car.

Toyota LMP livery attempt

Some people said it looked a bit like toothpaste.

This project will continue in the new year, where I will finish up the front view rendering and implement the number of design ideas on to the renderings. I am hoping to release the initial renderings prior to 1st testing in early February. I am also hoping to develop driver overall designs and team shirt designs, as well as a 3D vexel rendering of at least one

Formula 1 Qualifying Results pixel art

The only real pixel art win I had over the year was the generation of pixel Formula 1 cars. These were used for a bigger project that tried to show the distance between cars in qualifying assuming they all started at the same time and position.

F1 Car Line Up 2014

This was based on average speed, but this was a bit flawed as it did not take into account the speed of the actual cars, which magnifies the distance. This caused the total distance to be so large that the total height was incredible, given the scale of the cars. The results I did generate are below:


F1 Aus Qualifying Distance

Perhaps before the season starts for 2015 I will do a finishing positions for all the 2014 races and promote the set as a poster.


2015 will hopefully be a big year for me and Stylepixelstudios!

For existing projects:

  • Sunbury International Circuit: I have already started to develop the final modelling of the circuit, including all access roads. I will design a railway station, grandstand and pit building, while also implement grandstands and fine tune the walls and run off areas. The final model will be a proper simulation of the circuit for people to view. I will also be developing a booklet that showcases the final design (including articles, circuit information etc.) and a hard cover book that will detail the design process from the beginning to the final product, something I will be able to show clients and the general population.
  • Ferrari Retro Formula 1 Livery: As I mentioned earlier, I will finishing rendering the final front view, and then I will implement some of the livery ideas I have developed in my conceptual design. This will include sponsors and Ferrari brand signage as well. After this I would like to design driver race overalls and team member shirts along with the livery as a full identity exercise. I will also do a 3D vexel rendering of the F14T formula 1 car.
  • Speedscenes: The current Silverstone mat is currently on sale, and if all goes well, there will be a couple more designs developed and put on sale as well!

And in the future:

  • Airline branding and identity: I love the way branding and identity is so important to a saturated airline world. Every country has their own airline, but with an ever-increasing market with more fuel-efficient and longer ranged aircraft, the competition is fierce. There is some great ideas and it is interesting when you consider low-cost airlines to more higher-end operators. The project will be a fully fledged design, with research, conceptual design, detailed design. Like the Sunbury International Circuit, this project will be developed with the idea that it will be a real proposal for a real start-up airline. I am not sure what type of airline it will be, but I am looking forward to working on it!
  • LEGO, Pixels, and everything in between!: You never know what will come up in the future, and where inspiration will come about! I am desperate to do a mapping exercise using meteorological data (the weather is another interest of mine) but the amount of data to poor through is immense! I would also love to finish the LEGO scene I showed above.

Well, that’s it for 2015! I have had a blast of a year with such tremendous successes. I have learned so much throughout the year and I hope many people have enjoyed seeing what I have done throughout the year.

Have a fantastic 2015, and all the best!

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