LEGO graphic design position and generalities.

Let me start off by saying that this entry does not really provide anything profound or thought provoking. Along this line, it will serve more as a news update on my design life, however if this is what you were looking for, I hope you enjoy yourself!

The past month and a bit has seen some pretty good advances in my design life, including new projects, submissions, job applications and new projects. All quite positive!

2Mar Robotics

2Mar Robotics are a startup robotics company lead by Marita Cheng based in Melbourne Australia. They’re initial project involves the design and development of a voice controlled robotic arm for those suffering from quadraplegia. The arm is aimed to be activated via voice commands through an iPhone app.

I was sought to provide development work and solutions for both their identity as well as develop a schnazzy looking case for the robotic arm.

The identity, which involved a logo for their homepage as well as their Facebook page (albeit using the same image) was turned around in a number of days, which I thought was excellent considering it went from zero to awesome in that many days. The logo was a development of ideas between Marita and myself, who went back and forth on the project until we came to a mutual agreement and conclusion.

Some of the work below:




And the final images:



The next part of this project is to design a cover for the arm to cover up the internal robotics (motors, frames, wires etc.) as this will make the product more attractive. This is currently ongoing with the hope of having a prototype later in the year.

For more details:

  • – 2Mar website with details on what’s happening with the arm and other parts of the company
  • 2Mar Facebook page – Facebook page for the company

Line of Fire

Another project I have been working on is a Pixel Art shoot em’ up called Line Of Fire. The game is currently in development and will be launching on Kickstarter in a couple of months in order to fund the project.

The game is projected to be used on iPhone and iPad platforms, and will utilise the touch screen to provide deeper gameplay. The game will be styled in a classic pixelated style.

Future projects

Australian Motorsport Circuit

As I alluded to in my previous post, I am currently designing a new permanent motorsport circuit for Melbourne, Australia, to assess the replacement of the Albert Park circuit as a motorsport venue.

The project has started from the ground up (literally), in that I have assessed a number of locations for the circuit to be established. I have narrowed it down to 2 places, between Werribee and Little River, and between Melbourne Airport and Sunbury. Both of these areas excel in the criteria I placed on them, and I am currently assessing the elevation characteristics in both places as I believe it will be the ultimate factor in deciding which is the better option.

New motorsport championship

This project is a large project involving the design and development of a racing car for a new (fictional) racing series.

The car is to be of a closed-cockpit, open-wheel design. The closed cockpit design is something I have wanted to try for some months now after they were called into question with regards to Formula 1 car design following some incidents involving cockpit driver safety.

The design will be modelled in SolidWorks and rendered so will act as a development project for my own 3D modelling goals. The car will also ultimately feature in a series for the Light-to-Flag’ game of my own development (i.e. not an official mod).

The design is yet to be determined as to whether it will be a spec series, a series that concentrates on environmentally friendliness, or a balls-to-the-walls series of outright performance, but I think the design will be incredibly exciting and the project incredibly rewarding!

LEGO Graphic Design position

I recently attempted to apply for a Graphic Design position with LEGO in the design of the product boxes. The job description tended to describe a job that would involve the design of box graphics for their products. Part of the requirements of the application were to show skills in graphic design, as well as free hand sketching, including character and logo sketching. Here’s some I did for the application:


Unfortunately, the application closed earlier than the 5th of June deadline, so I wasn’t able to apply. However, I did develop my skills in sketching, especially free hand illustration, and it was heck fun to do it all, so I am not too bothered. I have other opportunities to come anyway.

So that’s the past month from me. ‘Til next time!



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