Australian International Motorsport Circuit Design Project (AIMCD…P?)

As I alluded to in my previous posting here, I am in the midst of designing a new motorsport venue for Australia, to be developed around the city of Melbourne, in Victoria.

This design project was generated late one night on a whim, most likely after looking at a number of Tilke GmbH projects, hearing about future racing circuits, as well as reading about the issues involving the current Melbourne circuit used for Formula 1 racing, Albert Park.

Summary of project

The project involves the initiation and development of a new motorsport venue for the Melbourne area, to replace the temporary Albert Park circuit to host the Formula 1 Grand Prix. The circuit is also to host a number of other racing series, including V8 Supercars, Word Touring Car Champonship, Endurance Racing (WEC) and many more.

The reason for the replacement of the Albert Park circuit is that the use of the circuit is not ideal for the city of Melbourne. The circuit causes the shutdown of Albert Park, a popular open-space area close to the CBD, The circuit also closes a number of public roads and restricts access to a number of services and facilities. The build up and dismantling of the circuit also has recurring costs, and is only functional as a motorsport circuit for 4 days of the calender year.

A permanent motorsport facility will remove the issues of the permanent circuit while also allowing more revenue to come in through continual use of the circuit by other series. A permanent facility will bring greater international attention through greater use of international series, as well as promote and develop Australian motorsport through greater access to world class facilities.

Project details

The project incorporates both the circuit design (including buildings, circuit layout, circuit access, etc.) as well as the design of all promotional material associated with the citcuit (logo, brochures etc.)

The circuit design initially involves the selection of a suitable location for the circuit. With this comes a number of cirteria for the location of the circuit, including:

  • – Must be within 45 minutes drive from the centre of population of the city of Melbourne (currently located in the suburb of Glen Iris).
  • – Must be accessible by public transport (directly accessible by rail/tram/bus prefered, can be access by dedicated shuttle buses),
  • – Must be placed sufficiently away from existing suburuban areas so not to experience severe noise pollution (maximum 70dB Sound Pressure Level is permissble)
  • – Must not be placed in an already earmarked location for future suburban growth (urban growth corridors),
  • – Must not be placed on an existing facility
  • – Must not be placed on unstutable land (state forest, river/gorge, highly undulating surface)

A lot to comply to!!

Initial work

The project started by analysing the map of Melbourne and determining the areas which did and did not comply with the above.


The map above shows:

  • RED: All area within 45 min away from the centre of population of Melbourne (as measured by GoogleMaps driving directions and estimations)
  • PURPLE: Existing suburban/residential areas.
  • GREEN: Future residential areas (urban growth corridors)
  • BLUE: Major road routes (freeways)
  • DARK GREY: Railway lines
  • DARK GREY CIRCLES: Potential areas for future investigation

This map leads to further investigations of the selected areas, and a map like this is generated:


The above is a magnified version of the previous image, this time centred on the North-Western Sunbury area. This image shows, like the previous, exisiting and future residential areas, major road routes and railway lines. More importantly, it includes gradients for sound level pressures.

The outer circle is set at 70dB,and each smaller circle is -3dB from the circle that proceeded it. Therefore, the next circle in demonstrates 73dB, the next 76dB, and so on. These contours demonstrates the noise pollution levels away from suburban areas; therefore, parts of the circuits outside of these contours will therefore produces sound levels lower than 70dB at or in the suburban areas.

The large white area is the prospective area selected for this area.

So! Currently, there are 4 locations under consideration, two with railway access, two without, but all adhering to the criteria above. The locations will be assessed, and once selected, the circuit layout design will begin.



One thought on “Australian International Motorsport Circuit Design Project (AIMCD…P?)

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