Importance of scaling

During the design of the Stylepixelstudio design, and in fact in any logo design, it is important to remember the effects of scaling.

Logos and images are great as they are designed, but one must alwasy keep in mind of how the image looks when it scaled down – the image isn’t always going to be the same size, and the logo is going to be in different places, all in different sizes and all for different purposes (for example, on the top of a letterhead, on a website, on a business card etc.).

The other point to remember is how is the image going to appear once printed. My intense learning of graphic design in the past 2 months has lead me to realise that this is a very important aspect of design that can be forgotten in the digital realm – what may look great on the screen will not translate exactly to the page. Small white spaces can simply disappear as the ink bleeds into the page ever so slightly larger than what you would expect looking at it on a screen.

Take a look at the SPS logo:

Scale 2

As you can see, when it gets to about 12.5% of the original the detail starts to lose out. At 6.25%, the detail is quite hard to decipher.

Design is all about communication, and the conveying of information, so it is important to deliver the detail simply, but noticeably.


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