Welcome to the world of tomorrow!

I’ve always had an interest in creating and creation. I have always found the greatest joys out of creating and bringing ideas to life.

I am currently on my own journey; a journey of creation, development, and new experiences. Although it is only beginning, and I realise there are many beginnings, I am very excited about this.

Stylepixelstudios is my alias for my design side of things, including graphic design work and industrial design work. This side has lived alongside my normal life, but now I feel that it is time to bring it out as my main point of attention. I want to bring my skills, the skills that I enjoy having and enjoy utilising, to everyone out there. My illness in 2012, together with the support of my wife, has spurred me to pursue what I really enjoy doing. It is not that I dislike my current job, but this is something I would perhaps rather be doing, and I cannot spend enough time  on it now than I would like.

I am aiming to make graphic and industrial design my career.

I have been doing graphic design and industrial design work for some time, for both for-profit and not-for-profit organisations, including:

  • Robogals (Organisation drumming up interest in engineering in primary school girls) – Logo design, promotional design, character designs

I was asked to design the logo for the organisation when it started, which is still in use today. I also did some promotional design work for regular material and some chaacter design work for a project that did not go ahead.

Simple logo design for a small robotics society for Imperial College, London. Still in use today

Layout design of end-of-year year book for the entire year, including layout fo images, text and graphical elements in an easy to read, pleasing layout that stayed true to the college colours and values.

  • Super T12 Asia (international racing car series) – Industrial design/Automotive design

Automotive design of exterioir aerodynamic racing car bodyshells, converting road going small passenger cars to full on race cars. Unfortunately this project was put on hold due to illness.

I am currently performing some more logo/branding design a future international company.

I have undertaken some inustrial design tasks, including design of racing cars and taps/faucets. I have also undertaken many Pixel Art design/art pieces, which can be used for graphic design (icons), layout design and promotional design (maps).

For afull range of my current work, have a look-see hereI am currently setting up a more comprehensive portfolio, whcih will include a more in depth look at my work.

Basically, to design and create is what I love. Currently, I feel it best to devote my energies towards this, and after my ullness, it is nt hard to justify trying things out to their fullest if that is what I want. I don’t want to pass up this opportunity, and am going for it at full steam!


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